The 'Anders Trail: MO2CA

Today I start the BikeAbout California Oregon Nevada, aka The Bacon. It took me several days to ferry my bike from St. Louis to Santa Rosa, California, where I'll begin pedaling in just a few hours. The video below is a memory of the road trip. There are a few things that the video does not show:
  1. The dead turkey on I 80 in Nebraska
  2. The runner running east on the I 80 W shoulder east of Salt Lake City, pushing a stroller, with a sign that said Coast to Coast
  3. The fully loaded touring biker on I 80 W in Nevada
Those three things, other than the wonderful vistas all along the way, were highlights of the car ride west.  A long ride of approximately 2100 miles gives you time to think about stuff. Here are some things I wondered about:
  • The Platte River system in Nebraska
  • The water system of the Great Basin
The thing that truly up amazed me was that my route on I 80 roughly followed the Oregon Trail, with a cut on the California and Mormon trails. Time and time again I was humbled by the fact that thousands and thousands of pioneers traversed the amazing landscapes of the West to start new lives. A car trip is nothing compared to this. A bike ride of 1500 miles is insignificant compared to this.

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The 'Anders Trail: MO2CA from Richard Long on Vimeo.  

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