Bike Packed for Bacon

'Anders is packed and ready for his tow Sunday to Santa Rosa, California, and the start next Saturday of the BACON (BikeAbout California Oregon Nevada).
The route is on Adventure Cycling Routes:
  1. From Santa Rosa, California to the Pacific Coast Trail in Bodega Bay, California.
  2. The Pacific Coast Trail to the Western Express in San Francisco.
  3. The Western Express to the Sierra Cascades Trail in Woodford, California.
  4. The Sierra Cascades Trail to the TransAmerica Trail in Bend, Oregon
  5. The TransAmerica Trail to the Pacific Coast Trail in Florence, Oregon
  6. The Pacific Coast Trail to Bodega Bay, California
  7. From Bodega Bay to Santa Rosa, California.
There will be hills! The good news is there are downhills, too.

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1 comment:

didjman said...

I wish I were going! Well, except for the hills, which I’m sure will be like white elephants.