'Anders2 Ready for the Loop2Lou

I don't think that adding the charging cable for my watch to the right rear bag will break 'Anders' back. That's all there's left to pack before leaving Monday after Mother's Day for the Loop2Lou.


The Upcoming LOOP2Lou

It starts Monday, May 14,with a dash south to Chester, Illinois, where I’ll pick up the the TransAmerica bike route to Cave in Rock.


‘Anders in California

This is ‘Anders with horses a couple of years ago in California. The bike has been retired and given to a young man who has promised to tend to the bike’s spirit. Well, that which remains. A lot of it is passed on to ‘Anders2.


Left Front Pannier for the Loop2Loo

The Loop2Loo begins the Monday after Mother’s Day, but it’s never too early to start packing. Here’s the left rear pannier, with Nemo sleeping bag, ThermoRest sleeping pad, ThermoRest pillow, and a Cocoon linen summer blanket. This pannier of sleeping gear is ready for the bike.

Left Front Pannier for the Loop2Loo


Surly for the Loop2Loo

For the Loop2Loo, I’ve replaced the Canondale T2000 with this Surly Disk Trucker. The rear rack, water cages, water bottles, and pump are all hand-me-downs. The Surly is named ‘Anders2. 

"After Long Gone" at One Sentence Poems

The first of three one-sentence ghost bike poems appearing this week at One Sentence Poems. After Long Gone